Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Samsung Omnia Night

On Sept 11th 2008, we attended the Samsung Omnia night.

The party was not as good as the last one but there was more content : the presentation of the new Samsung Omnia.

The Samsung Omnia is a great MulltiMedia device (Music, Video, 5 MegaPixel Camera, GPS, MS Office Integration, Push Email...).

It also has a touchscreen like the iPhone. If I had to choose between the iPhone and the Omnia, I think I would choose the Omnia because it's more compact and Windows Mobile 6 would allow me to install more custom applications.

However I still have a phone with a keyboard (Samsung SGH I600) and I'm not convinced about the Touch screen yet.

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Veerle en/et Fran├žois said...

JF, I think you never tried the iPhone ;-)
- The touchscreen is fantastic and so easy to use. I was hesitating too about a real keyboard. I'm not anymore. The onscreen keyboard is perfect.
- The OS makes all the difference. Windows Mobile 6 is way too complicated. The iPhone is running MacOS X and is really intuitive and fast.
- Concerning the applications, the Apple App Store provides a lot of applications that you can download (like in iTunes) and install. Furthermore, these applications make use of the cool stuff of the iPhone: the multi-touch interface, the accelerometer, the camera, etc.
I will show you once the cool stuff I have installed on my iPhone.
It seems I became a real Apple fan. :-)