Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today we went to Aqualibi so we could walk in swimsuit all day even if it's freezing outside !

Monday, December 29, 2008

My solution to "can't find the server at"

Recently I had a problem on my home computers. We couldn't connect to anymore. A ping didn't work, a nslookup didn't work, a tracert didn't work. All other sites were ok.

I searched the Internet (using ;-)) and many people had the same problem. It seems to be a strange DNS problem.

For those people, here is a temporary solution. Edit your Windows Hosts file (in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and add this line at the end:

This way you tell your computer directly where to find Note this solution will no longer work if changes its IP Address.

After that I could again read my gmail, my Google Calendar, my Google Notebook and Blogger.

Strange problem...

I would like to know the real issue behind it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mountain Bike in Kasterlee/Herentals

Today we did some mountain bike in Kasterlee/Herentals on the Montain Bike Routes of the Bloso.

Season's Greetings

I could not blog for several days because I couldn't connect to due to very stange dns problems. Whatever, I would like to wish you the best for this end of the year.

I hope your holydays are filled with happiness and good cheer !

Very soon I will send you my Best Wishes with my Best Shots 2008.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

IBM shows Technology Leadership at Devoxx

Last week (Dec 8-12 2008),
there was Devoxx
(formely known as JavaPolis)
in the Metropolis in Antwerp.

The fair usually welcomes 2000
developers for technical conferences
on Java, PHP, JavaFX, Scala,
Ruby on Rails...

IBM invests on this event
and this year Robin Mulkers
proposed to demonstrate IBM's
technology leadership with a
real use case of one of the
hottest technologies: RFID.

The project was exlained
in the keynote
(see some photos here below)

Furthermore, it's a usefull use case for the
Devoxx Organization : All participants
receivedan RFID badge. Those badges
were tracked so that one could
for example see which
sessions were the most popular. Or
participants could leave their name
at the booths by letting the hostess
scan their badge to participate
to games or request for more information.

At IBM, we call this innovation that matters !

PS : Devoxx is one of the best
events that I know. The organization
is really great. You have free WiFi, you
can take drinks directly from
the fridge, speackers are accessible,
topics are cool...
Everything is in place to have a great
Developer experience !

Cirque Bouglione

Dimanche 7 décembre,
nous étions invités par IBM
au Cirque Bouglione pour
la Saint-Nicolas.

N'hésitez plus, allez-y.
Je vous le recommande :
Le spectacle est vraiment bon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Drawing Mind Maps using Rational Software Modeler

In the past I had already
designed goal trees using UML.

Today I have developed
several diagrams for one
of my customers :
goal trees, project lists,
opportunities, initiatives,
execution strategies....

I have put it all in one huge diagram,
that I have called a mind map.

So I have effectively
been developing
a mind map
using a UML Modeling tool.

I can't show you because
it's confidential but
I find it quiet interesting
and I will do it more and more.

You can try it at home...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Testing Ubuntu

This weekend I took some time to have a look at Ubuntu. I find Windows Vista is very slow and I wanted to know how Linux would run on my machine (Acer Aspire 5315, Intel Celeron 1.7 Ghz).

I downloaded a CDRom from Ubuntu's website. You can boot from that CDRom and run Linux without making any changes to your machine.

Directly, I was convinced by the performance : Linux is much more reactive. When applications are slow, the OS isn't and that makes all the difference.

There are however some things that make me realize it would cost me time if I would completely switch to Ubuntu :
  • My wireless didn't work. I should locate the windows driver and install it on Ubuntu.
  • My Graphical palette didn't work. Linux doesn't seem to understand how it works
  • I could not read my MP3 immediately. I should install a special codec over the Internet but as my wireless didn't work...
  • How to synch with Windows based phone like my Samsung SGH I600 ?
So I guess I will have to go for dual boot. Unfortunately I'm short on disk space... So I'll need to buy some storage first.