Friday, February 26, 2010

Sabbatical : Already 2 months have passed

You might know I have taken one year of sabbatical leave. Already 2 months have passed.

I have used that time to deep-dive into the ePaper / eReaders market and trends. You can see the websites I have visited and tagged on Delicious (

On I listed some ePaper readers and some applications of ePaper.

I have prepared some presentations about ePaper : 30+Ways to use a eReader and also one about ePaper Applications. I have written my first "paper" about Digital Rights Management.
After this phase of investigation and preparation, I'm now ready to go out and chase "ePaper" projects. Next week I start a phase of prospection which aims at measuring the BeNeLux eReading market potential.

Of course I did also take some free time, especially I did quiet some sport (Biking alone and with friends, Foot with Thomas, Running and WII Active). Unfortunately for the biking the snow conditions, the rain and low temperature didn't help to do a lot of KM. I'm now looking forward to the spring season which will make sport much more enjoyable.

Friday, February 19, 2010

BPM Vs Workflow what is the difference ?

The question was asked somewhere on Linked In.

For me, 'workflow' is related to the flow of people's work.

A Business Process is larger : in general it will include a workflow (represented by Actors roles and human tasks) except if this business process is fully automatic (which is in practice never the case).

BPM has M for "Management" in it so : How do you manage (Model, Assemble, Monitor, Improve) your processes and in particular your workflows.

See a part of the discussion here :